Evolution of Payment Processing
January 23, 2018
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5 reasons to Accept Credit Cards

1. Customers prefer paying with credit cards – Studies show that consumers prefer to pay with debit and credit cards. 42 percent of all sales of all sales in Canada are made with a credit or debit card. Cash only accounts for 25 per cent and that number has been declining each year.

2. Increase sales and average spend – Consumers are limited to the cash they have on hand, and that restricts what they can spend in your businesses. Consumers paying with debit and credit cards spend more per purchase.

3. Customer Convenience – Most consumers, especially those in urban areas, expect credit and debit cards to be accepted in every business, everywhere. According to Visa International and MasterCard, over 25% of all in-store purchases were made with contactless or “tap and go” payments.

4. Repeat Business – Every business owner wants their customers to come back as many times as possible. Great products and service are part of the equation, but so is customer convenience. Businesses that make it easy for their customers to pay with whatever means the customer wants to use see more repeat customers.

5. Growing Market- 89% of Canadian adults have at least one credit card. New technologies like contactless cards, online purchasing and mobile payments are designed to make purchasing with credit cards easier for the consumer. Business owners benefit from these innovative technologies by realizing increased spending and higher average ticket sales.

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