Website development

Would you like a premium website that demonstrates the proffesionalism associated with your brand? Maybe you would rather have a beautiful store set-up online in order to process and deliver order without the need of a physical store? Some people just need a online journal or should I say, a blog. Needless to say, if it’s web related, we have the solution.

Lightning Speed Hosting

Top of the line servers and connectivity is one of the many advantages related to our hosting services. 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Proper SEO

A website is of no use if it cannot be found. At NPS Canada, we make sure to build your content and website with the proper keywords to your domaine.

Responsive Design

Using the best coding frameworks and technologies, we are proud to say that all of our websites support HTML5/CSS3 and the latest of what the web has to offer.

Amazing Pricing

Offering never seen before pricing for our clients is one of the perks of switching to NPS Canada.


When it’s your website, it’s YOUR website. It should be unique, pleasing and a perfect representation of who you are and what you do.

Best Solutions

We choose the appropriate solutions based on our clients need. Too many compagnies are blinded by their vision money. If our clients smile at their web project, we are smiling as well.

How We Work


Step 1: The foundation

Before any project begins, a proper infrastructure must be established. Come sit with us and discuss. We will give input and suggestions to help mold your idea into a reality.

Step 2: The prototype

Great. It’s your first visual of the idea you’ve been dreaming about. You get to see your dream mold itself. At this stage, we discuss and organise the changes the client would like for his final version.

Step 3: Complete the Project

Your website is complete. Now we discuss the release and the upkeep of your project. Do you need a active portfolio. How about a blog?