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  • 4¢ per transaction
  • Easy & transparent pricing
  • No annual fees, security fees or hidden fees
  • Merchant rates 25% below market value!

Plus get a FREE countertop/wireless or Poynt smart terminal for 1 year, when you sign up for our low-cost merchant account. 

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What is interchange-plus pricing?

NPS offers an interchange-plus pricing model. The term interchange simply means cost, or, the rates that are defined by the card networks (companies like Visa or MasterCard). Every merchant – from high processing volume companies to small mom-and-pop businesses – pays interchange, and this fee only varies based on the card type your customer uses to make a purchase.

With Interchange-plus pricing, all cards are processed at their exact assigned interchange rate but with a very small, clearly disclosed margin added on each card.

Low Cost Merchant Account

Save Money With Every Transaction 

NPS Merchant Services offers the same pricing to smaller merchants that are offered to major chains and those with massive buying power. We offer the most competitive credit card processing rates in the country along with the latest technology solutions in card processing devices. NPS delivers solutions for conducting business transactions in a secure infrastructure with intelligence and insight for our merchants.

One size fits all payment processing does not work. Every industry has its unique challenges. Whether you need help with cost-effectiveness, customer experience, flexibility, mobility or even security NPS has a payment solution for you. With the ability to quickly adapt to the latest advancements in electronic payment processing, this is simply one of the reasons NPS remains a frontrunner in merchant credit and debit payment acceptance. The value we offer to our customers is translated through the savings they realize in their merchant statements.

Very impressed thus far! Custome4 service is vastly better than one could expect!
Drazen Ivanisevic
21:10 11 May 23
Merci Ellen pour votre service 6 étoiles même après tant d année je reçois toujours un service plus qu'excellentil faudrait plus de personne comme toi au Quebec
Sylvain Pellerin
20:32 22 Mar 23
Définitivement les 5 étoiles sont décernées à ELLEN SMART! Toute Cie devrait avoir son Ellen! Quand je veux avoir l'heure juste c'est avec Ellen! Service très professionnel, efficace et aimable. A l'écoute de ses clients. Ellen trouve toujours la solution à notre satisfaction et avec RAPIDITÉ! Bravo Ellen Smart, une personne très dévouée.
Clément Larivière
20:30 03 Mar 23
Madame Hélène est vraiment très gentille !Elle prend le temps de nous conseiller et nous accompagner pour trouver une solution a notre problème .Very great person !
Maeva Kestler
22:01 24 Feb 23
I was just about to cancel the contract because of worst customer service i was getting and the account manager viviane corcos who caught me in a contract and never helped me again even hang up the phone on my face i was just about to sue the company but suddenly i got a call from an angel none other than ellen smart. Thank you so much ellen the way you helped me and got me out from this traumaYou are a lovely person i am giving 5 starts not to the company but to you only.Thank you so much . God bless u
Vandna Sharma
20:15 02 Feb 23
Ellen of NPS helped me to get the funds releasedShe was tenacious , relentless , prompt , very courteousShe is really an advocate for small business like mine
Global Vision Care
17:35 17 Jan 23
Stéphane Nadeau
20:25 21 Dec 22
Ellen Smart is a great asset to NPS and i hope the management knows that. No matter what the issue is, she finds the solutions for you. NPS should be proud of her as customer's like me is. Thank you very much for all your help Madam Smart and happy holidays from us at Swift Deals.
Kwame Boateng
17:30 13 Dec 22
I am from Toronto Mississauga company called Wraptix detailing I was having some difficulties and I was redirected to Ellen smart she took her time out and went step by step and explaining the system and gave me proper contact numbers. She is very knowledge of the product and most importantly she had lot of patience on telephone and took her time out. I very much appreciated don't find that this often usual typically sell and client problem not here Ellen explain very well thank you have a safe and wonderful into the 2023 god bless
Oz Khaz
16:51 09 Dec 22
Ellen Smart! Wow. I am not even a customer, but I wish I was. I was calling to figure out why my debit machine wasn't working. She asked to look at the machine and give her the serial number. Instead I found a sticker from the right company and proceeded to call and get all my answers quickly. But It was Ellen who took the time to point me in the right direction. The next time a renew our merchant services, I will be giving her a call. (18 months and counting on our current contract). Thank you!!!
Katherine Orellana
20:07 02 Dec 22
Amazing Ellen! The best service and fair rates in this industry. 10 years relationship ! Absolutely recommend!Serge V., manager of OPTIMUM PLUS magasins des meubles / furniture stores!
15:56 01 Dec 22
The best customer care ever!!! Ellen Smart is the most friendly, caring and professional person I have dealt with in a long while. I will continue to do business there because of her!
Suzanne Matusik
01:18 26 Nov 22
Un énorme merci à Ellen qui a à cœur sa clientèle ! Toujours là pour trouver la solution parfaite 🤩merci
Charlaine Fortier Superanimalerie
14:16 23 Nov 22
Ellen Smart is just the best. Every time I contact her, she’s more than happy to help. She’s always there when I need her and she will solve any problem and she will answer any question. I don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you Ellen for everything that you do. You really are amazing.
Katerina Petratou
04:51 18 Nov 22
Merci a Ellen qui me donne toujours un bon service rapide 🙂
Mellissa Therrien
17:57 16 Nov 22
Ellen donne vraiment un bon service. Merci encore 🙂
Yannick Benoit
16:14 08 Nov 22
Merci Ellen Smart pour tous les bons renseignements toujours un plaisir avec cette dame elle donne son 100 pour-cent à tous ces clients bravo Ellen !
Edith Levesque
02:58 02 Nov 22
Ellen Smart has been an absolute gem helping us with all of our POS needs. Whenever we have needed something, she has been fully accessible and efficient, troubleshooting and finding quick and great solutions that meed our needs. Thanks for making life a little easier!
dna restaurant
21:24 25 Oct 22
Merci à Ellen Smart pour son service professionnel, rapide, courtois et efficace. You have a question? She has an answer and will accompany you all along the way 🙂
Salon Ross
18:03 06 Oct 22
Ellen de chez NPS Canada réussi à régler tous mes problèmes TRÈS rapidement 😄. Je recommande fortement
Nicô et Filles Inc
23:32 05 Oct 22
Super services 👌
Anick Pharand
20:51 04 Oct 22
Rien de plus à dire que ... 10/10
Mini Femme
18:10 04 Oct 22
Excellent service
Mélanie D
18:07 04 Oct 22
Super services .Ils ont réduits mes frais de 5000$ annuel .Merci à Nick et sont équipe
Frederic Messier
23:16 22 Sep 22
Wonderful service and the employees are really polite!
Lubna Shamim
14:54 11 May 22
Found them online, the services have been fabulous! & no complaints so far.
14:22 05 May 22
Received their call recently asking to show me some savings I inclined and sent over my bill and to my surprise the company that I was with before was overcharging me for no apparent reason so far the experience has been lovely with these people being really helpful.
Tranzcript Ltd
21:27 25 Apr 22
Les 5 étoiles sont pour ELEEN SMART, elle m'a beaucoup aidée, et m'a donné un très bon service,
Véronique Matte
18:23 09 Feb 21
ELLAN was very professional and helpful. She got my limit increased in 3 working days. Very prompt and resourceful. The followup process and the request was smoothly processed.Like to thank Viviane for a very quick and efficient delivery of the product with prompt paperwork and queries answered to satisfaction.All in all thorough professionals and good commitment towards customer satisfaction.
siddharth rao
19:32 14 Jan 21
J'ai reçu un excellent service de Jessy Desjardins qui a su m'éclairer dans mes choix et besoins. Je recommande cette compagnie qui offre de très bons taux comparativement à leurs compétiteurs.
Magali Lemieux
18:20 13 Jan 21
WOW de WOW quel beau service quels beaux produitsMention spéciale à Gabriel Paquin qui à bien évalué mes besoins et proposé des solutions d'affaires adéquate pour mon entrepriseUn grand merci
Cindy Paquin-Brisson
20:46 25 Nov 20
J'ai bien apprécié le service Suzie Bellmare pour les changementde mon terminal. Vos prix sont moins élevé que d'autres entreprises.Merci Suzie et au plaisir de se reparler.
Martine Paulin
15:54 18 Nov 20

Guide To Debit & Credit Card Processing

In this NPS Merchant Services whitepaper,  learn how to:

  • Understand the costs and rates of debit and credit card processing.
  • Select the right merchant services provider for your business.
  • Select the right payment equipment for your business type.
  • Properly set up your merchant services account for maximum ROI.
  • And much more!